What is the Best Oil to Use for Massage?

Massage Oils

There are various massage oils in the market today and choosing the right one from among them is hard. From scented, unscented, medicated, non-medicated or even creams, you will have a wide variance to choose. Each massage oils has its unique benefits and your choice will depend on what you want to achieve from the massage.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing massage oil:


Different massage oils will cost a different price and your choice will depend on your budget. Though there is a belief that the more expensive a massage oil is the higher the quality, it is not always true. The most expensive massage oil may not be of benefit to you if it cannot provide the effect that you want at that time.

There are massage oils that cost less but have immeasurable benefits during a massage. Your massage therapist will help you to choose the best massage oil that not only suits your budget but one that will be beneficial to you.


Like we saw earlier, each massage oil has its benefits when used during massage therapy. Some oils will moisturize your skin, reduce wrinkles, relieve pain, and make you relax or help you to recover from an injury faster. Knowing what you specifically need to gain from your massage will help the massage therapist to make the right choice.

If you need to achieve multiple benefits, the massage therapist can combine different massage oils. He will also give you a chance to choose the scent that you prefer as each massage oil smells differently. This way, you will be able to enjoy the massage more and avoid the likelihood of getting allergic reactions from using the wrong massage oils.

Oil Purity

The purity and the quality of the massage oils matters a lot when it comes to massage therapy. Massage oils that have gone through filtration feel better during a massage, unlike directly obtained oils that will be greasier. A massage therapist who has been in business for years will know the quality that will not be too greasy and one that will provide the desired effect.


The massage oil should have the lowest possible viscosity for ease of the process. It should flow easily on your skin without getting too sticky. The oil should also have a moderate rate during the massage so that you can get maximum benefits within a short time. A massage oil that has a very high absorption rate will not give the massage therapist time to get the desired effects which will make the massage less effective.

The Purpose of the Massage

If this is the first time you’ll be getting a professional massage, you may not understand the difference between using massage oil and having a plain massage. Massage oils make massage easier as the hands of the massage therapist will easily slip over your skin. Your skin will also get nourished from the effects of the oil and if your skin was previously dry, it will get immense benefits from the moisture in the oils.

Best Massage Oils

Jojoba Oil

If your back is prone to acne, jojoba oil is among your best options when it comes to massage oils. It has antibacterial properties and a great absorption rate which makes it very good for aromatherapy massage. The oil does not irritate the skin as well and this makes it good for people whose skin is sensitive.

Another great benefit of jojoba oil is its longer shelf life compared to other massage oils. If you plan to have periodic massage treats at home, this is your best option for you.

Coconut Oil

Though coconut oil solidifies when not in use, it is an amazing massage oil when warmed. It has high glide capability and will allow the hands of the massage therapist to be more stable during massage like at https://www.spa-clearfield-eyelash.com/ . You can opt for a fractionated coconut oil brand if you prefer a less greasy massage oil for your massage.

The only downside of coconut oil is its smell especially if you don’t like the smell of coconut.

Sweet Almond Oil

If your skin is sensitive and still need to have an aromatherapy massage, almond oil is the right massage oil for you. The oil contains multiple vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and amino acids, among other vital nutrients that will be beneficial to your skin. It will hydrate your skin, nourish it, and will have a healing effect on the skin. If you need a massage oil that has multiple benefits and a sweet smell, this is your best option.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This is a perfect option if you are suffering from any pain in your body or you need to open your sinuses or pores. You can mix it with other massage oils to get more benefits or even put it in a diffuser to give your bedroom a relaxing effect.

Lavender Oil

Are you having trouble getting to sleep? Lavender oil is one of the most popular massage oils that will allow you to sleep like a baby. Most professional spas have this massage oil and will mix it with other massage oils to increase its benefits during the massage.

Benefits of Massage Oils

Moisturizing Effect

The greatest benefit of massage oils is the potential to moisturize the skin. When your skin is dry, your self-esteem will be low and you will have a negative feeling about your outward appearance. Massage oils used in a professional spa will get absorbed into your skin and at the end of the process, your skin will not only be glowing but will be healthier as well.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

After a massage, the parts of your body that were not getting enough blood or nutrients will get more than enough. As a result, your energy levels will improve as the body cells will get more nutrients as well as oxygen.

Relaxation Capability and Pain-Relief

Massage Therapy

A lot of people who go for professional massage do so because of some form of pain in their bodies. Massage oils such as almond oil will provide the relief you need and get your body back to its normal working condition.

In addition to the countless massage benefits, you will achieve much more when you get the right oil for your massage. A professional massage therapist will get you the best based on your needs, skin condition, and what you want to achieve from the massage.

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